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Takashi Yoshimatsu scores

Takashi Yoshimatsu Takashi Yoshimatsu (1953-)
10 scores to download.

Takashi Yoshimatsu (?? ? Yoshimatsu Takashi) was born in Tokyo in 1953, at a time when Japanese composers had embraced the trend towards avant-garde techniques. While absorbing these, Yoshimatsu opposed the general fashion, returning to popular rhythms and romantic melody and coming to be regarded as the standard-bearer of Neo-Romanticism in Japan. He studied under Teizo Matsumura, a pupil of Ifukube, for some time, but acquired much of his craft by himself. He is a great admirer of Sibelius and his works include five symphonies, and concertos of piano, for saxophone, and for bassoon. Takashi Yoshimatsu on

Most downloaded piece: Romance For Tree

Takashi Yoshimatsu Sheet music

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